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Sonali’s wardrobe malfunction in Bigg Boss

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Though coincidences are something beyond anybody’s control, but when they start taking place at a specific time repeatedly, then they gives ample reasons to eyebrows to get raised. And to justify our this observation pertaining to Bigg Boss and its contestants we have got a long list of substantive evidences which we will reveal some other day. But here let’s avoid getting in this web of apprehensions and speculations and apprise you with the most shocking incident which recently took place in the Bigg Boss house.

And if recent reports and visual chunks which have just got leaked from the glass walled house of Bigg Boss are something to go by then they suggest that show’s most unpredictable contestant Sonali had an massive oops moment during a task held in the house.

The incident took place when Bipasha and Karan Singh Grover were in the house to promote their upcoming cine flick ‘Alone’, and the housemates were having a gala time while taking part in ‘Bigg Boss Got Talent task’…

And it was then when the disaster took place and Sonali’s pants slipped a bit too low from her waist revealing her derriere. Though this most unpredictable and sassy dame of the house looked oblivious about what is happening on her back, but it certainly grabbed the gazes of many viewers who literally went into a state of balmy amazement.

Well this is not for the first time when Sonali had a rendezvous with a faux pas even in the past one of her ‘Mandakini Avatar’ for her debut flick ‘Xpose’ made many men lose their sanity. But that incident turned into a thing of routine because of its being part of a movie which was destined to undergo the scissors of Censor, which is know for diluting the visual audaciousness in order to make any cine chronicle suitable for mass viewing.

As far as this incident which took place in Bigg Boss “the touted family show” is concerned, then here we can give a benefit of doubt to Sonali, because of her universally known careless attitude, but we guess the makers and those sitting in the operation room of the show need to pull up their socks, if they really want to keep the “Suitable for Family Viewing” status of Bigg Boss intact.